World Defense

The Game: 

World Defense is a Towerdefese game.
Your Quest is very simple: Defend the earth from evil spaceanimals and spaceships
You can build your towers on the earths surface, upgrade, repair and sell them.
You loose if these creeps hit the earth too often and the earths population reaches zero.
This Game was created only out of fun on several eavenings with my friend Quirin Münch. I coded the whole game and he created all the grafics and created serveral soundeffects … the rest of the sounds came from a free soundlibrary. The Backgroundsound again from my friend Matthias Steidl.
We created two versions of the game … they differ not much from each other but the second version runs a little smother with >= 100 Creeps on the screen ;)
For some reason the first one is more popular …
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