Book of Revelation


About The Game:

Book of Revelation is a 3rd-Person-action-strategy game on a high visual level, along with a thrilling storyline around the apocalypse and its four riders.

Build upon the Unity Engine.

The Progress:

The intention of this work was to proof if we can achieve a good and action packed Game with the mix of the two genres Strategie and third-person shooter. Our role model was the game Sacrifice which was cool but in our opinion to less Action and to few strategic decisions. The second thing we wanted to proof if a few students in the 5th semester can achieve this kind of visual quality in contrast to all the fancy comic Jump & Run games all the over students were doing. Well and for me, the only programmer, if i can mange to code this in mainly four weeks. We managed to get all these things done, of course there were bugs and glitches but the main gameplay, mechanics and AI were there.

Team during Projectphase: 

  • Thorsten Wahner (Teamleader, GameDesign, Animator)
  • Stefan Sigl (ME ;) ) (Programming (everything), GameMechanics, InterfaceDesign, GameLogic, AI-Code and Design, ….)
  • Alexander Schmidt (GameDesign, Tester, LevelDesign)
  • Tassilo Wagner (Texture-Artist)
  • Benjamin Erd (3D-Artist, Charakters)
  • Torsten Heldmann (3D-Artist, Assetsimport)
  • Bastian Kieslinger (Sound)


bor1 bor2 bor3 bor4 bor5 bor6 bor9 bor8 bor7

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