Anno – A long time ago

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The Game:

Anno – alta (a long time ago) was playable during 2004 and 2009 on maybe some of you guys remeber. But due to my study i had no time to keep it running and maintain it as much as i wanted. So I decided to take it down. I still habe all the data so maybe the game will surface again some time in the future.
The game was a browsergame like O-Game (which was at that time (2004) the cooles browsergame … well no offence this is only my oppinion in the meantime there are better ones … again no offence^^) and based on the great PC-Game Anno 1404.
Initially you had an island which you could build on … well imagine alle the anno 1404 buildings with the tabular build menu of the oldscool browsergames.
Your people had needs for food, cloth … and buildings like churches and pubs. If you satisfied the needs they upgrade themselfs and had more and other need but also gave you more money.
With that money you could build an army of ships, upgrade and repair them and capture new island …
Well i just learned PHP and mysql and always wanted to create games … btw this was my very first game … i was a huge fan of Anno 1404 and in school i played browsergames when i was bored :) And i really enjoyed the multiplayer of Anno … i played it for hours … no days with friends on LAN.
Well I coded the whole game the grafics I bought from some freelance hobby grafic artist with my pocket money. I tried to make them myself but at that time i was real bad in art stuff … and programming was more fun^^
Where 2 Play:
sry its down :( maybe some time in the future …
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